Roket guna gula sebagai bahanapi

Jika sebelum ini kita bermain roket menggunakan air (water rocket) sebagai bahanapi , sekarang kita bermain roket menggunakan gula (sugar rocket) pula sebagai bahanapi.

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How to make Sugar Rockets

The easiest way to launch the rocket is to glue it onto a guide stick. You can use a drop of instant cyanoacrylate model cement or just use white glue and masking tape to glue on the sticks. To ignite the rocket,you can use an electric igniter or just tape a filament of wire from a piece of coarse steel wool over the priming cap, “attach each end to an electrical lead or alligater clips.Attach leads to a “strong battery, and fire by closing a switch to complete the circuit.

Combine these 3 substances in the following proportions by weight:
Potassium Nitrate…….63%

Info lanjut di http://www.bombshock.com/archives/homemade_bombs/how_to_make_sugar_rockets.html

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